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about me.

Masonry Studios
2022 – Present
Executive Creative Producer

Masonry Studios
2018 – 2022
Creative Producer

2017 – 2018
Senior Producer

2017 – 2017
Client Manager

Attic Films
2013 – 2017
Creative Producer

As an accomplished Executive Creative Producer and Creative Collaborator, I have a successful track record in overseeing the production of impactful marketing and branded content projects for commercial and advertising purposes. My role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including client servicing, account management, project management, business development, and risk assessment.

In client servicing and account management, I excel at cultivating strong relationships with clients, understanding their objectives, and delivering tailored solutions that exceed their expectations. I am committed to providing exceptional service throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.

As a skilled project manager, I have a proven ability to effectively coordinate and lead cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and the timely delivery of projects. I leverage my expertise in project management methodologies and tools to optimize workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve project goals within budgetary constraints.

Additionally, I possess strong skills in risk assessment and mitigation. By conducting thorough analyses, I anticipate potential challenges, develop contingency plans, and implement strategies to minimize risks and ensure project success. My passion for creative collaboration fuels my ability to bring diverse teams together, fostering an environment of innovation and excellence. I thrive on collaborating with talented professionals, inspiring their creativity, and guiding them towards producing compelling and impactful content.

Hello, my name is Zulkifli Zaid. Let’s connect!